Urban Homes II

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Urduliz, VIZCAYA

2, 3 and 4 bedrooms

From €312,000 to €345,500

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  • New-Build Urban Homes II
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Property type

Type Bedrooms Bathrooms Floor Area Price (from) Drawings Availability
A2286.32 sqm-Sold out
B2291.53 sqm-Sold out
C2296.55 sqm-Sold out
D22100.52 sqm-Sold out
E22111.95 sqm-Sold out
F32108.11 sqm-Sold out
G32112.82 sqm€312,000Last available units
H32114.81 sqm-Sold out
I32116.03 sqm€345,500Last available units
J43131.44 sqm-Sold out
K43134.61 sqm-Sold out

VAT not included.

Calle Atzeragaine 0

Urduliz, VIZCAYA

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