R&D&I management


Since 2016 Neinor Homes has been certified by AENOR in R&D&I Management according to UNE:166002, becoming the pioneer company in the sector to achieve this certification that highlights the management of innovation based on the generation of new ideas incorporated into its value chain, focused on improving the product, internal processes and customer experience.

Good management of Corporate Innovation entails a committed and transversal organizational process that incorporates the entire company, while maintaining an agile and clear organizational structure in which different R&D&I committees coordinate the process from the perspective of each of the business units.


Our R&D&I Management System, certified by AENOR, guarantees the efficiency and rigor of all the activities that make up the company's innovation process, as well as the allocation of responsibilities and resources.

This system allows us to:

  • Coordination of the R&D&I Project Portfolio
  • Idea Generation
  • Project development and management
  • Technology Watch and competitive intelligence.
  • Technology Transfer and Cultural Transformation.


The iNNovation we believe in is the one that helps us to get better