Open innovation


At Neinor Homes, we believe that the best way to develop our business is through an open and permeable work system that is committed to collaboration, enriching and collaborative dialogue, and the exchange of experiences and knowledge.

Therefore, we develop an ecosystem of partners among entities of different nature, with which to generate synergies that contribute to the generation of new ideas and projects with which to respond to the main challenges facing the sector.

Startups, educational centers and universities, certification entities, companies in the sector, are some of the main allies that are part of our Open Innovation Ecosystem.



Our Alliances:

We collaborate with different agents of the ecosystem with the aim of driving innovation in the sector.



The collaboration with CEMEX Ventures seeks to establish synergies between the parties to enhance the construction and development industry by sharing their areas of expertise.




The Platform for the Industrialization of Housing "PIV" was created to research, disseminate and promote the use of industrialized systems in housing construction.




The Construction Cluster in the Basque Country brings together almost a hundred companies and its strategic objective is to be a benchmark in the construction industry, the driving force of economic, social and territorial transformation in the Basque Country.




 ARCHITEChTURES is a powerful artificial intelligence-assisted design web tool for the residential sector that dramatically increases the efficiency of the design process by reducing lead times from months to hours.