Neinor iNNovation



At Neinor Homes we believe that the best way to innovate is to build the future where we want to live; a future in which bridges are built between all market agents and collaborators, united by a common challenge: to drive the real estate sector to respond to the needs of a changing and digital society.

With this objective in mind, we are developing an Innovation and Transformation Ecosystem, working day by day to create the foundations on which to build a more competitive sector in which we can achieve what today seems unattainable.

Faithful to this way of understanding social and business growth, our Strategic Innovation Plan, aligned with our business model, is committed to a culture of permanent, open and pragmatic innovation in all areas of the company, always with the aim of improving.


Our culture of innovation is based on:

  • Collaboration

By joining ideas and different approaches, we form a stronger team, enriched by different visions and knowledge that provide greater added value. Diversity is a fundamental element to generate value.

  • Digitization

We promote the digital transformation of the real estate process, in which the use of new technologies such as Big Data or Artificial Intelligence are key.

  • Talent

Search for professionals with a new vision, encouraging personal and professional development within the company. Generate opportunities with programs in which each person can give the best of themselves with the aim of improving our sector while improving as professionals.

We favor intercultural and intergenerational work to generate a transversal learning ecosystem.



  • Open Mind

Keeping abreast of the latest trends and ideas in order to anticipate changes and detect opportunities.

  • Industrialization

Transforming the end-to-end value chain through a business model based on the industrialization of all design, planning and production processes.

  • Continuous learning

Acquisition of new knowledge and skills that allow us to continue advancing and becoming better every day.



At Neinor Homes, we believe that the best way to develop our business is through an open and permeable work system that is committed to collaboration, enriching and collaborative dialogue, and the exchange of experiences and knowledge.

Therefore, we develop an ecosystem of partners among entities of different nature, with which to generate synergies that contribute to the generation of new ideas and projects with which to respond to the main challenges facing the sector.

Startups, educational centers and universities, certification entities, companies in the sector, are some of the main allies that are part of our Open Innovation Ecosystem.




Our Innovation and Transformation ecosystem, a pioneer in the residential market, consists of two major platforms or tools for corporate entrepreneurship:



Intrapreneurship platform and ideas laboratory that aims to promote innovation within the company, allowing employees themselves to generate new disruptive projects and develop solutions that can be incorporated into our value chain.

Since its launch in 2016 Neinor Lab has achieved:

  • +20 projects carried out by employees
  • +50 employees involved
  • 18% of the staff involved in innovation projects
  • +1000 hours invested in intra-entrepreneurship projects
  • +10 projects implemented in the value chain
  • +300 ideas proposed




First startup acceleration platform of a residential developer in Spain. Neinor Next was created as a space for the search for continuous improvement in which Neinor Homes offers opportunities and tools to the most innovative and disruptive startups from the Proptech, Fintech, Legaltech, Contech and Insurtech ecosystems.

With Neinor Next we want to solve together with startups the challenges related to the transformation in the real estate sector and reach innovative solutions to boost the home and the developer of the 21st century.



Since 2016 Neinor Homes has been certified by AENOR in R&D&I Management according to UNE:166002, becoming the pioneer company in the sector to achieve this certification that highlights the management of innovation based on the generation of new ideas incorporated into its value chain, focused on improving the product, internal processes and customer experience.

Good management of Corporate Innovation entails a committed and transversal organizational process that incorporates the entire company, while maintaining an agile and clear organizational structure in which different R&D&I committees coordinate the process from the perspective of each of the business units.


Our R&D&I Management System, certified by AENOR, guarantees the efficiency and rigor of all the activities that make up the company's innovation process, as well as the allocation of responsibilities and resources.





This system allows us to:

  • Coordination of the R&D&I Project Portfolio
  • Idea Generation
  • Project development and management
  • Technology Watch and competitive intelligence
  • Technology Transfer and Cultural Transformation


The iNNovation we believe in is the one that helps us to get better