History of the Company

Neinor Homes is the leading listed company in the residential development market in Spain, with one of the largest banks of quality finalist land for the development of new housing, spread across Central, Eastern, Northern, Eastern Andalusia, Western Andalusia and Levante. With more than 1,800 million euros of assets, the company complements its development activity with other lines of business. Among others, services dedicated to residential rental with a leading rental platform capable of offering 100% of the rental services and lines dedicated to bank servicing.

In January 2021, the boards of directors of Neinor Homes and Quabit Inmobiliaria agreed on the merger by absorption of Quabit, consolidating Neinor as the largest national developer, strengthening its presence in the residential market and creating a solid and stable framework with great investment potential.

The company is led by CEO Borja García-Egotxeaga and Jordi Argemí, Deputy CEO and CFO. A total of 300 people make up the company's staff with the mission of managing the most ambitious residential development project to emerge in Spain in recent years.



Neinor Homes formally began its activity in May 2015, following the purchase of the developer from kutxabank , by the Lone Star fund for 930 million euros.

In March 2017, the company carried out the first IPO in the residential development sector in Spain since the 2008 financial crisis, becoming one of the sector's benchmarks.

Some of the company's most important milestones include: the acquisition of an extraordinary land bank; the design, launch and achievement of commercial successes in developments in all territorial divisions; the preparation of a White Paper (design and construction manual) that sets out the characteristics and quality and sustainability parameters of new developments; the incorporation of the Breeam Advisory Board; the creation of Neinor Lab, a platform for innovation within the company; and the launch of Neinor Experience, an exclusive community for clients that attends to their needs and looks after their interests.