3 Mayo, 2022

Sustainalytics designates Neinor as the developer with the lowest ESG risk worldwide

The result comes after the approval of the new Sustainability Strategic Plan 2022-25, which is already in operation and includes 95 lines of action distributed across the Environmental, Social and Governance areas.


3rd of May 2022.- On its 2021 assessment, Neinor has further improved its rating reaching a mark of 7.8 points, compared to 10.5 in 2020. Inside the Real Estate sector, which also includes property companies, Neinor ranks 8th (out of 1,046 companies worldwide) and is now the 1st in Spain. Furthermore, thanks to its performance improvement, Neinor now belongs to the 1st percentile of Sustainalytics’ global index (50# out of 14,786 companies), a strict group of companies with the lowest ESG risk worldwide. On the development sub-industry, Neinor has renewed its status of the most sustainable developer worldwide (1st out of 284 companies).

Sustainalytics, a Morningstar company, is a leading independent provider of ESG research, ratings and data that supports investors around the world with the development and implementation of responsible investment strategies. Sustainalytics works with hundreds of the world’s leading asset managers and pension funds who incorporate ESG factors into their investment decisions. The firm also works with hundreds of companies and financial intermediaries to help them consider sustainability in policies, practices, and investment projects.

Sustainalytics has +1,000 clients worldwide, has published analysis on +20,000 companies across 172 countries, and employs +500 analysts.

The report elaborated by Sustainalytics has assessed Neinor’s exposure to ESG risks and the ways in which the adopted policies have significantly contributed to mitigate such risks. The result arises from an analysis of +100 indicators where the most noteworthy are the environmental policies on emissions, waste management, resources, and costumer eco-efficiency programs. At the social level, trough its social and community initiatives and policies, Neinor is a highly relevant stakeholder in many Spanish regions. Furthermore, these are complemented by strong corporate governance, ethics, anti-bribery and human capital policies.

The new Sustainability Strategic Plan (2022-25) has had a decisive contribution to the rating upgrade. This Plan, which is aligned with UN SDGs, comprises 16 action areas, 30 objectives and 95 lines of action.

The main aspects included on the plan, in which considerable advancements have already been made, are the carbon footprint reduction, green procurement policies, energy efficiency, affordable housing, and social impact measurement.

As Borja García-Egotxeaga, Neinor Homes CEO, states: "The main challenge for developers worldwide is to address growing housing demand through new supply that is built in a responsible and sustainable manner. New homes need to abide by the latest energy efficiency standards incorporating as much as possible the use of renewable energy sources. Modern methods of construction, new materials and green procurement policies are key to reduce embodied carbon emissions. At Neinor Homes we strive to provide a solution to these social-environmental objectives and that is a key part of our commitment to society.

Meanwhile, Jordi Argemí, Deputy CEO and CFO, adds: “Sustainability is a strategic axis for the company, and being recognised as the most sustainable developer not only in Spain, but also worldwide, is the result of a long-term strategy that started in 2015 and is now bearing its fruits. With these results, Neinor shows that not only is capable of being the sector leader in terms of profitability - being the only developer with more than €400mn in EBTIDA generated since 2017- but it has achieved these results in a sustainable manner.”

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